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Shop Heroes

Shop Heroes is a fantasy shop-management game where players craft and sell equipment to visiting adventurers, send these adventurers on various quests, and collaboratively build a city with friends to unlock new content.

Key Skills:

  • Community Management

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Creator Relations

  • Team Management (Customer Support)

  • Customer Support


  • Signed cosplayers such as StellaChuu and Missyeru to showcase character designs at Anime Conventions and on their social media channels. Campaigns brought in high-value users.

  • Maintained first-response times on customer support tickets below 24 hours and raised app store ratings by 30%.

  • Built a stream team with 8 creators, streaming 7 days a week covering a minimum of 8 hours a day trading time for prizes for their communities and in-game items.

  • Managed social media and community forums postings and engagement.

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